The Preferred Scheme

The Preferred Scheme

The Final Options Appraisal Report (FOAR) identifies the Preferred Scheme, which is abstraction from Parteen Basin with treated water delivered throughout the Eastern and Midlands Region along a pipeline approximately 170km long, ranging in diameter between 1.7m and 2m, from Parteen on the Lower Shannon to Dublin. It also narrows down the 2km wide “least constrained” route corridor (i.e. a pipeline corridor with the fewest environmental, technical and geographic impacts or obstacles) identified in last year’s Preliminary Options Appraisal Report (POAR), to 200m. Within that 200m corridor, an indicative 50m wide pipeline corridor has been indicated.

The preferred 200m pipeline corridor, and indicative 50m pipeline corridor have resulted from extensive research and consultation. However further environmental and technical research and stakeholder engagement is needed to confirm the specific corridor within which the pipe will be laid. The public consultation process will also contribute to this decision.

The Preferred Scheme will undergo an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) which will identify, predict and evaluate any potential environmental impacts likely to arise from the scheme (both positive and negative) and the appropriate mitigation measures to be considered.

Consultation is an important element of the EIA process and in order to ensure the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is as comprehensive as possible, alongside the FOAR, Irish Water has also published an EIS Scoping Report. This report sets out the process of determining what should be covered, and to what extent, in the environmental information submitted to the EIS. It also considers the nature and likely scale of the potential environmental impacts likely to arise from the proposed scheme.

Scoping ensures that potential environmental impacts are identified at the initial stages of the design process while ensuring environmental protection is a key consideration in the development of the project design. Scoping is an ongoing process which continues after the completion of the consultation period throughout the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process.

Following publication of the Water Supply Final Options Appraisal Report and EIS Scoping Report on 8 November 2016, Irish Water is now undertaking a 14 week public consultation process where you can have your say. This consultation will conclude on 14 February 2017.

Feedback from this consultation process will be obtained through a combination of stakeholder meetings and Public Consultation Open Days and all interested parties are invited to contribute, either by email to: or by post to Water Supply Project, Merrion House, Merrion Road, Dublin 4.


Schematic of proposed abstraction at Parteen Basin


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