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What's Happening Now?

Over 1,000 stakeholders participated in the latest consultation on the preferred scheme. All feedback received is currently being considered and responded to by the Project Team and will be summarised in a Consultation Report, due for publication in April 2018.


Irish Water is currently updating the Project Need Report to reflect all relevant new data available since 2015, including information from Census 2016.

An Environmental Impact Assessment Report (EIAR) and Natura Impact Statement are currently being prepared in line with Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Appropriate Assessment processes. These reports will present the results of ongoing environmental investigations and consultations and through the assessment of the Preferred Scheme they will identify impacts along with outlining appropriate prevention/ alleviation measures.

The EIAR and NIS will accompany Irish Water’s planning application to An Bord Pleanála which will be submitted in 2019. At that point, An Bord Pleanála will undertake all necessary statutory consultations. Should planning permission be granted for the project, construction and commissioning will take approximately three to four years.